Poker Live App for Android

Poker Live App for Android Phones


The Poker Live app is available for the Android right now and it is perhaps the most polished app for that particular platform that is available right now.

Create a new account or play with an old one

Under normal circumstances, you’d need to create a new account if you were a first time player with the Poker Live app for the Android. That being said, if you already have a Facebook account the good news is that the Poker Live app can recognize that account and allow you to log into the game with your Facebook application.

Play in astonishing graphics and functionality

The graphical user interface in Poker Live uses the same red background that seems to be popular amongst many similar apps that work on the same system. There is a gorgeous woman that acts as your guide throughout the game and of course the functionality is fantastic and allows you to enjoy a game of poker so smooth that you might momentarily forget that you’re not in a brick and mortar casino.

 Play for free with many other players

 The network for Poker Live is quite large and there are many Android users that are already a part of it. This is very good news for you as a prospective player because it essentially means that you’ll never have any trouble finding a game to play. Even though the traffic counts are highly variable, even during off peak hours you should still be able to find a game of Texas Hold ‘Em to play on the Poker Live multiplayer exchange.

 Normally, game play is free. You start with a certain number of chips that can be refilled if you happen to run out. However, if you’d like to purchase some more chips in order to take your gaming experience to the next level, you certainly can. At the current moment in time, the minimum transaction is $2 for 50,000 chips although it can go as high as $50 for 2.5 million chips.

 Final Score

 Poker Live is extremely polished. As mentioned in the introduction, it could be the most polished poker app currently available for the Android. That does not necessarily make it the best, but it is definitely in the conversation about that particular trait, if you read the latest casino and poker news here you will get a felling of the good new poker apps out there. For now however, we’ve given it a final score of 9 out of 10 to illustrate its relative dominance in this category.

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