Live Holdem Poker Pro by Dragonplay (Android)


Live Holdem Poker is a Texas Holdem game for those that are real fans of this version of poker, and who want to spend as much time playing the river as they can. And for those that want an app that provides you with a simple, satisfying playing experience, then Dragonplay’s application is just what you need.


Relatively small, easy to download and simple to play, Live Holdem Poker is an app that does exactly what it says it will do. You can play poker live with others that also have the app, giving you access to a wide range of potential players that are all new tablemates for you. After all, Texas Holdem can’t be played by yourself, and who wants to play with a computer when you can pit yourself against live players that can think bet and bluff against you while you try to do the same to them?

Easy to Use

Live Holdem Poker is a simple enough app to understand, and once you’ve downloaded it you can play it from anywhere you can get network connectivity. This means that whether you’re on your commute to work, you’re on break or just sitting around, there’s a Holdem game waiting.

Final Score

Decent Poker App with quality Live Texas Holdem.  7/10

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