Introduction I thank the gods of Poker every day for Zynga Live Poker. I have been a avid online poker player for almost ten years. When the UIGEA was made law I was lost. Then I found Zynga Live Poker! I was addicted from the first hand that I played. I admit I was skeptical […]

Zynga Live Poker for iPhone Introduction The Zynga iPhone app has received a lot of positive critical acclaim in the iPhone app community.  Considering how many different poker apps exist for the iPhone and considering the fact that most of them specialize in Texas Hold ‘Em just like this one, getting critical acclaim is an accomplishment […]

THTouch Poker App for iPhone Introduction There are two types of people with needs when it comes to poker apps for the iPhone. The first group consists of people that have had great fun playing online poker and would like to continue that fun through to something that they can use on their handheld iPhone device. […]


Review of Apple Texas Holdem for iPhone Introduction Of all of the poker games that are available for the iPhone mobile platform, Apple Texas Hold ‘Em is probably the one that has the highest profile.  The reason for this is obvious.  Apple Texas Hold ‘Em is the official Apple poker app and for that reason […]